Tuesday, 24 March 2009

S1 - Design Modelling and Presentations ACfE In Action

Trialling some TechEd outcomes involved developing a few capacities as well. Design Modelling, Sustainability and Recycling was used a context for S1 to work in pairs, collaborate and model a design solution. The models were built to scale (numeracy) and then also modelled in Google Sketchup. A free 3D Modelling program. Great for teaching S1 for a few periods then encouraging them to download it and use it at home. They can model their own house to scale, then when we view the world using Google earth, the whole world can see their house !

A great Stimulus for this type of Built Environment lesson Context is either the Teacher runs the Google Earth World Tour of Architecture, or the pupils can use the *kml file. Start with Mayan Temples, Pyramids, Roman Architecture eg Pont du Gard, Hadrians wall, Antonines wall, right through to the CN and Petronas Towers.

As usual, with an Open Ended brief, pupils come up with unique, innovative and realistic solutions. All the other S1 classes want to do the same project now !

The class has 5 ASL pupils who were struggling with the less ACTIVE work.

Try this clip for a starter, good for thinking about why research is so important !