Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Yet more Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels - Literacy in Technical Teaching

Started Graphic Novels today with my only S1 class. They were 100% enthused and excited, as in 100% of the class motivated= good news 2nd week back !

Why ? Totally open task. After a short 5min intro by me using a powerpoint and 5 examples of last years S1, they chose a theme and cracked on. Five had done one page in P7 but had limited recall. Hopefully we can keep the free thinking going thru S1-S2.

Giving them an open task has allowed them to open up their imagination. An S6 pupil who is helping me teach them commented on how they are so open minded (divergent) than some S2 classes he is helping (convergent).

Some pupils waited at the end, before break, they asked for the website so they could download the 30day trial in the house !

I'll post up some pages in a few periods time from the class.

Other dept's can now utilise their GN knowledge for other topics in their own curricular areas. Unfortuantely this class does not stay together for more than Tech, Art and HE.

The librarian has asked me to find a female character based Graphic Novel to buy some in. I suggested V for Vendetta, an Apprentice female Superhero.

No more GN posts for a while.........

Monday, 17 August 2009

Outdoor Learning and Graphic Novels

Just reflecting on a great session last year, straight As in my AdvHGC class and a superb Outdoor learning program. Below, is a canoeing group getting a safety briefing. Based at Action Outdoors, Falkirk.

Of course, we used these images and others, to remember our 'learning' experience of that night and how well we worked as a team and had really intense learning with plenty of 'challenge and enjoyment' . We created a Graphic Novel. (I'll add it here when I find it at work)

As it's after school time for Outdoor Learning programme, we don't formally record these learning events, but it gives me greater satisfaction, as a professional, to experience these kids learning. Last session we had 40+ nights OL. I happily gave up my personal time for this programme.

This session, next May, I will hopefully be descending the Spey - Source to Sea - with a group. An ideal opportunity for cross-discipline work. Geography, English (poestry/creative writing) and we could Design something on the way and look at the Hydro Aspects for technology....just a dream.