Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Visualiser Example Videos

After getting the IT guy to setup the drivers, I have been using the Webcam, £14.99, with an old angle poise lamp, in classes. It is amazing ! Both myself and the pupils thought it was much better for them to see the demos of skills etc. If I raise my voice to talk to the whole class, it automatically records video. S3 to AdvHGC both thought it was much better when I taught with it. They could see from the back of the room. There are still shots of the projector screen image, poor phone quality pic, below. My S4CD were sketch/card/plastic junk modelling their final projects so the wee ergonome was useful for passing on the scale concept.

There are some uploaded videos below, impressive quality. It is really easy to click the software and it automatically records the video as you show/demo/explain something. Ideally I change the video path to the network so the pupils can then re-visit any of the clips. This could be for reinforcement, absence, for reference, for next years class etc. Although this will involve checking the video for errors or unwanted noise, behaviour etc.

Some of the videos have one way dialogue, you can't hear the class and questions, others have pupil-teacher dialogue. Then that pupil can have that personal dialogue replayed as a video.

The £46 HD webcam Microsoft have brought out today, will have much better quality due to an autofocus lens and much better resolution than the clips below. The angle poise lamp stand is good as you can lift it up - zoom out to A3+ - or pull it down - zoom in- on small detail.

Adv Higher Graphics

DTP Page Analysis

An example of how to pick the right page for analysis.

Graphics Standard Grade

S3 Pencil Rendering Practice - outlining with a glow effect

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